Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time to go Home...

     The time had come, our two weeks of vacation were up and it was time to drive back home.  It was a fun and relaxing trip, we were all sad to say our goodbyes, especially the little ones.  Most of our drive we were in and out of thunderstorms.  I hate driving in storms, a lot has to do with my friend and I hydroplaning so that our car was facing on coming traffic until we slid into a median and got stuck in the mud.  Oh it was sooooo scary!  Ever since then, driving in the rain and even snow (another scary story involving skidding off the road and almost hitting a transformer box), I get a little nervous.  Good thing I let the hubby drive.  But eventually the sun came out for awhile, so we stopped for some lunch.  We've stopped at The Mercantile on Main before and it was pretty good, so we stopped again.  We were in luck, they had a German plate on special! YUM!

I took a few cute pictures of the kiddos before we headed back out on the road.

And what do you know...more thunderstorms!

Then again...the sun finally decided to show it self and stay out for the rest of the trip.
It was a smooth drive the rest of the way.

We were sad to be away from family again, but happy to be back home.
Our kitty sure did miss us and we sure did miss our own beds!

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