Friday, August 1, 2014

A Day for Daddy

     I posted the fun photo shoot I did with the kiddos for the Father's Day Gift, here's the hubby opening up his gift up.  He really liked it, I couldn't wait to hang it up!

      After the present opening and we got ready, we headed over to a friend's house so the hubby could learn how to brew beer.  See our friend, Vinnie, brews his own.  And the hubby has always wanted to learn, so what better way to spend Father's Day then doing something for him with him.  We snacked on pizza, enjoyed a glass of Moscato, let the kiddos play, and let the daddy get his brew on.

 Look at the Brew Masters!

When I asked the hubby what he wanted as a special treat for Father's Day, and he said he wanted a chocolate pie.  So that's what I did.  I made him this amazing, rich and creamy chocolate pie! 

Overall, it was another great day spent with family and friends.
I think he really enjoyed his day for daddies.

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