Friday, August 15, 2014

Baking with MeeMaw

     After our little trip to Austin we went back to a normal schedule living at mom's house.  Well, on this particular day, MeeMaw decided she wanted to try her hand at making cake pops for the kiddos.  It was her first time to ever make them, you think she would've had a recipe, but nope.  She thought she could figure it out.....well, probably not the best idea, but she was on the right track. I recently tried my hand at making some Watermelon Cake Pops for National Watermelon Day and they were quite easy.  At least her and Liam had a great time decorating and eating them, even if they did fall apart.

Little Camden wanted to try some too!

Another fun day at MeeMaw's, actually the last one of this visit.
We were heading back home the next day...

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