Friday, August 1, 2014

Easter in August??

     Today, as I was updating my blog, I totally realized I never posted about our Easter Sunday this year...So here it is a few months later.

     The morning started off great.  The kiddos woke to up to baskets full of surprises from the Easter Bunny.  They busted right into them!     

Here is Kinley's basket

And Liam's basket

Look at those happy faces!

The hubby and I must have been good, because we got one too!

I LOVE me some Reese's Peanut Butter Bunnies!

So after they opened their baskets and did a fun egg hunt we dyed some eggs.
Usually, we do the dye in the cups with the tabs and vinegar, but this year I found this cool
dye spinner. I knew the kiddos would have fun.

It was so easy, just put in the boiled egg then the dye then pump..pump...pump.
That's it!  

After the egg spinning, they wanted to further their egg decorating with these PAAS Color Snaps. 

It was messy... 

But FUN!

Such beautiful eggs!

After the egg decorating, we got cleaned up and in our Easter Sunday best then headed over to our friend's house for brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Kinley had a blast collecting her eggs.

Liam had a great time too! 

Looks like Liam found a bunch!

I put on my cute Jamberry Nail Wraps

and my cute new wedges with my pretty springy dress,

and brought a Blueberry Toasted Coconut Tart that I made to share.

After brunch, we headed back home and got out the Cascarones (confetti eggs) 
to pop on each other's heads.  I don't know how popular they are here, but it's an Easter and Fiesta tradition where we come from.

Even with all the hoopla that goes with Easter, from the baskets to candy to eggs hunts, to toys, and dying eggs....we still know the true meaning behind the Easter holiday.  Being with family and friends to rejoice in the Rising of Jesus Christ.

Hope your Easter, though many months ago, was fun and kept you in the spirit.

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