Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to School as a First Grader

     Last year I took some pictures of Liam at the start of his Kindergarden year, so I wanted to keep the tradition and take some before he starts First Grade.  He is really into Marvel Comics right now, so I wanted to make sure to incorporate those into his pictures.  He is getting to be such a big boy, and I mean BOY!  From playing with swords, to dressing up like a superhero cape and all, to reading comic books, to jumping on the couches, to playing video games, he has become such an active little man.  He will be starting school in a couple of weeks, hope his teacher is ready for this spunky kid!

After the little photo shoot at the park, we went home and I took some pictures of 
Liam out on the driveway.  These were a lot easier...just needed some chalk!
I think these turned out just as a cute!

My little boy is growing up.  How did that happen so fast?
I'm looking forward to hearing all about his first day of school!

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