Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Touring Austin One Bite At A Time

     The next morning after that long baseball game, the hubby and I woke up early, packed up the car, then headed up north to Austin (leaving the kiddos with MeeMaw & PapPaw) for a mini vacation within our vacation.  Before leaving for Texas I did some research on Austin and found Austin Eats Food Tours.  This was right up our alley!  We are such foodies and it was perfect!  I secured our spots on the tour online and printed our itinerary.
     We drove into Austin and to the meeting place for the South Congress Walking Tour.  We started our tour at Jo's, a local coffee shop known for it's Turbo Iced Coffee.  The tour guide Chris, brought us some Morning Buns from La Patisserie, which were sooooo AMAZING, to enjoy with the coffee (which I didn't drink, it was WAY too strong, since it was straight up without all the cream or sugar, how I drink it.  I mean, I order white chocolate mochas from Starbucks which is a little espresso, and tons of the other stuff).  After we all (there was about 12 of use total) finished our, well their coffees, and our morning buns, we walked down the street to our next stop on the tour......

     Our next stop was Snackbar, a local restaurant attached to the historic Austin Motel.  The owner came out to talk to us about her culinary adventure of opening up her restaurant and the vision behind it.  She was very sweet and shared her favorite and most popular dish, the Tamago Yoko, which is a shrimp, bacon, cabbage & leek hashcake topped with two over medium eggs, wasabi aioli, bonito, and nori.  To be honest it wasn't my ideal snack, but I tried it, on the other hand the hubby LOVED it!

     Our third stop on our culinary journey was Guero's Taco Bar.  Oh man, this place was AWESOME! They had some chicken tacos with in-house made tortillas, chips with three different salsas and the most A-Mazing quesco!  Oh, and I can't forget, the Margaritas!   Everything was delicious!  On a side note, some of the movie Chef, was filmed in their garden.  Now, I really want to see that movie!

     Next, we walked down to Hopdoddy, which was created to unite handcrafted Beer (Hop) and hormone/antibiotic free black angus beef (Doddy), the nickname given to the native cow in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Their whole menu looked good!  We tried the Classic Burger accompanied with their Kennebec Fries and then for dessert their famous Salted Caramel Shake.  Oh man, we were stuffed after this stop!  But we pressed on....

     Just when we thought we couldn't eat anymore, we DID!  We crossed the street over to Burro Cheese Kitchen to savor their Croque-Madame.  Which is a spin on a Croque Monsieur.   I would have never thought smoked ham, Fontina cheese, pesto aioli, topped with a fried egg and Dulce de Leche sauce on sourdough bread would marry well, but OMG! It was divine!

     So now that we enjoyed coffee, pastries, hash cakes, tacos, chips with salsa & queso, margaritas, burgers, fries, shakes, and grilled cheese...we had one more stop!  Our last and final stop was Home Slice Pizza.  I tried a slice, it was tasty, but the hubby was so full he couldn't eat another bite, so he just enjoyed some local beer.

     After our Food Tour, we were SO full, but very happy and satisfied!  We thanked our guide (tipped him well), then headed out to explore some more of Austin!  If you are looking for something fun and yummy to do in Austin, totally check out Austin Eats Food Tours! You'll have so much fun eating your way through Austin!
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