Friday, November 8, 2013

Nerf Birthday Party

     This past weekend we went to another fun birthday party for one of Liam's friends from school.  This time it was all about being active and having fun with some Nerf guns!  All the kids brought some Nerf guns and shot at targets, played Capture the Flag, did an obstacle course...just lots of fun running around!

First a little light stretching...

Then onto the obstacle course

Kinley made her own obstacle course

She loved watching Liam play Capture the Flag

Liam really loved going through the bounce house!

Here's the cool target made out of cupcakes.....

... however, we didn't get to enjoy them with the rest of the kids, 
since Liam just so happened to get sick while we were there.
I'll spare you the details, but it wasn't pretty.
He was feeling pretty awful, so we said our goodbyes, thanked them for
inviting us, and took our little sicky home.
The next day he was back to his normal healthy self!

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