Sunday, April 5, 2015

Super Powers

     When you have a house full of boys dressed up as super heroes what should you do to entertain them?  Last year we rented a bounce house for Liam's friends to jump in.  It was a lot of fun, but decided to scale it down a bit this year.  Instead, with the help of Pinterest, I came up with some fun games and activities for them to do.

Just in case any of the kiddos didn't wear their super hero 
costumes I found some paper masks for them to wear and take home.

One of the first activities was Captain America's Shield Toss....
I bought a bunch of plain frisbees, printed out Captain America's shields, and set out some crayons.
After everyone colored their shields I taped them on the frisbees.
I set up some empty boxes and each super hero threw their shield to knock down the wall.

The next activity was Thor's Hammer Toss.....
I put out some hula hoops and gave them a styrofoam hammer to toss in the rings.

The third activity was Black Widow's Knock Down...
I printed out some of the villains then taped them around 
some aluminum cans (washed and dried of course), stacked them up, and 
let the kiddos use some NERF guns to knock them down.

The next activity, Hulk's Smash, was a huge hit with the kids.
All I did was set out a bunch of those cake ice cream cones, 
gave them some Hulk Hands and let them smash the heck out of those cones!

Spider-Man's Web Shot was their favorite out of all the activities. 
I mean, who wouldn't love spraying silly string all of the place?
I just printed some more evil villains, taped them up and 
gave each kid a couple cans of silly string that I found at the dollar store.

The last activity was Pin the Arc Reactor on Iron Man game, 
which is just a spin on pin the tail on the donkey.

Check out his Super Friends tomorrow...

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