Thursday, April 2, 2015

Are We There Yet?

     If you don't already know or haven't figured it out by my recent posts, we are moving to Germany next month. Yep, the time has come yet again for us to up and move! This time is going to be much different than our previous moves. 


     One: We have two kiddos this time. Which means two car seats, a jogging stroller, an umbrella stroller, suitcases for each of them, a suitcase of toys, and  their own backpacks! Plus all of our stuff! And what to do with them while we try to oversee the packers and what goes in which boxes. Hopefully my parents can come help us with the kiddos and take them to Texas early so we can finish up the packing. 


     Two: We bought a house. Which means we need to sell it and quickly!  And luckily we DID in just three weeks! Whoo hoo! Now it's a matter of signing over the title and loan, canceling utilities, electric, Internet...all that stuff that goes along with moving. 


     Three: We are moving to GERMANY! Not another state, no. A whole other country, a continent, over the ocean! Which means we need passports, medical and dental records, and school transcripts! I'm SO thankful we knew way in advance that we would be moving there, I had plenty of time to mark these off my "to do" list!  


    Four: We have to schedule three sets of packers (some for storage items, some for "unaccompanied baggage", and some for our household items).  Our first set of packers come next week, April 10th!!  Now to decided what to put in storage, what needs to be shipped early and what can come later? Usually we just have one set of packers and movers, not the case this time! 


     Five:  We plan on shipping our Honda Pilot over there. Which means after we get the house closed, packed, cleaned and all moved out of, the hubby and I have to drive the car to Dalllas to be inspected and put on the boat to be shipped to us. We plan on making the most of it, stops here and there, a nice dinner, an overnight stay before we turn it in, then rent a car to drive down to my parent's house. 


     Six: We don't have a house to live in yet. As of now we are booked in a hotel on base. But how to get there is a question. We did go get an International Driving Permit, but found out it's not what we need to be able to drive in Europe. Which means we need to take a special driver's test and pass in order for either of us to rent a car once we get there.  


     Lots of stuff to check off my never ending lists. But I'm taking it one day at a time until everything is completed! Wish me luck! 

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