Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Break.......Sunday

     So we drove in on a Saturday and actually got there BEFORE the sun went down, a first for us!  We just unpacked, got the kiddos ready for bed, and hung out with my family a bit before we headed to bed ourselves.  The next day was family day.  My sister, her hubby, my nephew, and my in-laws came over for lunch and to do some family pictures.
     Kinley loves playing with baby Camden, she wanted to sit next to him during lunch, it was so cute.  We ate some yummy lunch then headed outside so the kiddos could get some bottled up energy out from the long drive.

Having some fun outside at MeeMaw & PapPaw's house!

My mom and sister being silly eating the Chocolate Cake I baked up!

The kiddos with Nana & Papa

Even my friend Ina (who claims she doesn't like desserts) ate not one, but TWO pieces of my cake!  

     We eventually went out back and took some overdue family pictures.  My brother took the pictures while we swapped family members in and out.  Almost felt like we were posing for wedding pictures..haha.  

It was a great day to be with family!
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