Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mother's Day

     Mother's day has come and gone, but this is how we spent it!  First we got all dressed up and went to this yummy restaurant Bite of Belgium for breakfast.  With it being Mother's Day, the hostess presented me with a pretty pink carnation.  So sweet.  We all enjoyed the yummy waffles!

      Liam even presented me with a homemade gift he had made at school wrapped in a picture of Eye Brawl he had drawn.
      My goofy kiddos!  They make some of the silliest faces when I ask them to pose for the camera.
      After breakfast we headed back home for a change of clothes, the stroller, sunblock, and snacks then drove to the El Paso Zoo for a fun family day!  It wasn't a bad drive and the prices pretty reasonable, and we totally took advantage of the military discount!  The first exhibit we checked out were the Lioness'.  They were totally soaking up the sun.
     Around the corner we got to see some of the Meerkats playing and digging some holes.
      Look at my MeerKat family!
     Around the next corner on the path we came across the Giraffes, Gazelles, Zebras, and the Ostriches.  Kinley liked the Giraffes, I think because they were easy to see above the fences. 
      After looking at a few animals, we let the kiddos play in the huge treehouse.  Liam loved going down the slides.  They were so slick, the hubby or I had to stand at the bottom to catch him before he flew out!  Kinley liked finding all the animals carved into the trees.  Look! A raccoon!
      We let them play for awhile, then checked out the Sea Lion.  Oh, this was one of Kinley's favorites!  He was pretty friendly.  He would swim by the glass windows and Kinley would just smile.
      We decided to take a break and relax.  We enjoyed a little snack after seeing the sea lion.
      Next, we went to see the Prairie Dogs.  It was really cool because you can go under the exhibit and pop up into these cylinders to see them up close.  But it was REALLY hot in there!
      Hi Liam, we see you!  I'm loving Kinley's face in our selfie we took!
     It was a pretty warm day, not too hot, but playing in some cool water is always a great idea!  Liam didn't want to get wet, but that didn't stop little miss.  She kept trying to catch the water when it squirted up.  It was so cute.
      Me and my boy!  He's such a big boy now, how did that happen?
     The last part of the zoo we visited was the Asia section.  Liam and I rode on the carousel then we took some pictures on the white tiger statue.
      There were some great animals in this section, the Elephants, Monkeys, and a Leopard.
      As we were walking out we saw these really cool ponies.  They were beautiful.
      As we were driving home, the kiddos fell asleep.  It was a LONG day, for all of us.  The hubby asked me what I wanted for dinner.  I said I want some CRAB! So we stopped by Albertsons and bought some yummies for dinner.  All my favorite things, Bruschetta, Grilled Artichokes, and Snow Crab Legs!

     For dessert, we enjoyed ice cream.  One of my favorites is Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, then I topped it with crushed Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Oh it was soooooo GOOD!

     A few days later, I received this Quietly Willow Tree Figure from my mom.  It is so perfect.  I got my big boy in my arm and my little lady on my lap.  Thanks Mom!

It was an amazing Mother's Day! 
So special to spend it with my family.

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