Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Break.....Friday

     We were up bright and early on Friday for our trip to SeaWorld!! Liam was so excited, and I have to admit, so was I!  I haven't been to SeaWorld is years!  Best part about it was that we got to go for FREE thanks to the Waves of Honor Program plus we got some 30% food and merchandise coupons!  It was a little overcast but the sun definitely came out to play with us a little later!

     After a quick stop for some food, we headed to to the first show of the day... One Ocean with Shamu!  Those whales are so smart and awesome!  All of us enjoyed watching them perform their tricks, but I think Kinley was the most amazed!  She had a permanent smile the whole show.  It was so cute watching her light up when Shamu would jump or splash.

Look at all those whales!

After the show we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked around the park.

While my dad, sis, and hubby went on a few rides mom and I, shared a Funnel cake 
with the kiddos and took them to see the Penguins and Puffins.

Then we headed to Sesame Street Bay of Play so Liam could go on a couple of rides too!  
Kinley even rode the carousal, at first she liked it, but after the second rotation, she wanted OFF!
Oh well, maybe next time she will like it.

There was this HUGE cargo net, tunnels and water park just for the little kids.  
Liam loved climbing all of it!

While waiting for the next showing of Azul, my sis and I 
snuck away to get a little treat and coffee.

Waiting for the show to start, which means picture time!

The dolphins and beluga whales were really cool.  
This show incorporated a lot of divers and acrobats.
Liam liked the high divers the best.

We love our boys!

After a fun day at SeaWorld, a quick nap in the car on the ride home, 
then we had a pizza party in the hot tub!

Later that night, mom, the hubby, my brother, and I sat around the fire pit, enjoyed some wine for the ladies, beer for the fellas and roasted some marshmallows for some S'Mores.
It was the perfect ending to an awesome day!

We had a great visit with our family and friends but the next day we were going to head back home.
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