Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Break....Monday

     The next day was Tuesday, we didn't have much planned that day, except for me baking up some of my Margarita Cupcakes and later meeting up with the hubby's family for dinner.   So we just hung out most of the day, it was nice not having to take Liam to school, or go grocery shopping, or take kiddos to doctor appointments, we could just relax.

We hung out with some our really good friends (the kiddo's Godparents) before heading to eat with the In-Laws.  Liam liked wearing the Storm Trooper helmut.

We decided to go to Pappasitos, one of the hubby's favorite restaurants.  We usually have great service, but that night it was terrible.  We were so disappointed.  The service was extremely slow, the messed up the order, and they were out of green chili salsa.  The dinner started off great, Kinley and Liam colored but as the night continued they were so tired and ready to go home.  We were there for about 3 hours!

Liam even fell asleep on my lap during dinner he was so tired!

With all the mishaps at dinner it was still nice to be with family and make memories.
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