Monday, May 26, 2014

End of School Teacher Gift

     I posted last week that Liam finished up school and I made little Summer Gift Bags for all his classmates.  But what about his teacher...well here ya go!  Here's the cute gift I came up for her.  We were very fortunate to find such a great school and an awesome teacher for Liam.  He loves school and is happy to go everyday.

So, I found an orange sand pail then filled it with as many 
Orange flavored or scented, and Orange colored packaging I could find.

Then I made this cute tag, it was so simple!
I just used a grapefruit cut in half and some orange stamping ink.
I printed the "Orange you glad it's almost Summer" from the computer
then stamped the grapefruit on top to make it look like an orange.
I then cut around the printed "orange" and stuck it to some scrapbook paper.
Cut around the edges to make a circle.  
Then Liam signed the bottom and I punched a hole
and tied a ribbon through it to the pail handle.

Here's how it turned out!

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