Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good Bye Kindergarten, Hello First Grade!

     It's May, which means school's out for the summer.  Well, not for all students, but definitely for Liam it is!  He recently attended his Last Day of Kindergarten!  I can't believe how fast the school year has pasted.  He's grown so much this past year, from meeting new friends, improving his math, spelling, reading, and writing skills.  He was even awarded the Reading Award from his teacher during his End of School ceremony.  We are all so very proud of him!

Look how much he has grown!

During his ceremony, the kiddos sang songs and even did a dance for the parents.
Kinley like hearing all the music....

but was definitely a wiggle worm when it came to sitting still during the presentations. 

Later that day, we took the kiddos to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Liam's "graduation" to first grade.
It's become some what of a tradition, we did the same when he graduated Preschool last year.
The had a lot of fun playing the games and enjoyed the pizza too!

 Having fun!

More tokens please...

Kinley didn't like this ride as much because it would jerk and lift up.  Liam liked it though.

She would rather take a ride with Barney.

After fun and games, we sat down for pizza and gave him a card and a little surprise.
A search and find Skylanders book.  He LOVED it!

Way to go Liam!  We are so proud of you!
Love you, 
Mom, Dad, & Sis

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