Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Break.....Wednesday

     Another relaxing morning...we actually went out to Shipley Donuts, if you're from Texas you know why we had to go.  The Kolaches and well, yeah, the donuts too.  Then we headed to Taco Cabana for some breakfast tacos and yes I mean tacos, not burritos.  It's another Texas thing.  Then to round out our fast food breakfast journey this morning was to....can you see what I'm holding in the picture? Yep, Starbucks for a warm Tall White Chocolate Mocha Nonfat with Whip! I got to hang out with Missy and enjoy my coffee while the kiddos played with MeeMaw.  I love being home.

     While Kinley was napping, I got to play with my little nephew Camden.  My mom watches him twice a week for my sister and today was one of those days!  But, mom had an eye appointment so guess who got to babysit? Me! Yeah!

     When Kinley got up, we went to pick up the in-laws to go to lunch at Raising Cane's then to the San Antonio Children's Museum.  

     It took some convincing but Liam finally put his face in the pins.  They look so funny.

     There was even a toddler area just for Kinley!  She loved it!

When we headed downstairs, we discovered the whole floor was set up like a mini HEB grocery store for the kiddos.  They had so much fun "shopping."

After the museum we dropped the in-laws back home then headed over to my sister's house for Asian Night.  Mom had us all dress up in robes and eat with chop sticks.  I remember doing this as a kid, so it was fun to pass on this fun family memory to my kiddos too.

We dined on some yummy yummy food!
Lettuce wraps, mom's famous Pork Dumplings, Fried Rice, Beef Skewers, 
and I made the Chinese Egg Custard Tarts.

It was another day of vacation...what will tomorrow bring?

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