Friday, May 23, 2014

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

     Man, seems like this is SO late, but oh well. The story of my life right now and blogging.  Seems like I have been doing so many projects I just don't have enough time to get all the pictures edited and blogged.  So yes, everything will most likely be WAY after the event actually happened.  So here is  how we celebrated our Cinco de Mayo!

I made this fun festive Cinco de Mayo lunch for Liam.

When he got home from school, I gave them this book Dragons Love Tacos 
and these Mexican cookies for dessert.

For dinner we enjoyed some Stuffed Bacon wrapped Jalapeños (for the hubby), 
Stuffed Sweet Peppers (for me and kiddos), Chips & Salsa, Tostadas,  
Spanish Rice, and some Blood Orange Margaritas!

Kinley liked dipping her chips into the sour cream.

Liam liked building his tostada and making a smiley face.

Toward the end of dinner the kiddos thought it 
was funny to smash chips on their foreheads.....silly kids!

After dinner I whipped up some homemade Churros.
They turned out delicious!

It was a great night, so much fun, and everything was yummy!
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