Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Adapted from Simply Delicious recipe.

What you need:

1 cup water
1/2 cup unsalted butter
a pinch of salt
1 cup all purpose flour
3 eggs (room temperature)
oil for trying
2 cups sugar
2 Tbsp ground cinnamon

How to make them:
In a large bowl, mix the 2 cups sugar and cinnamon, set aside.
In a saucepan, combine the water, butter, sugar, and salt.
Allow the butter to melt and stir to combine it all together.
Sift the flour into the saucepan and stir until a ball starts to form.
Transfer the mixture to a bowl of an electric mixer.
Let cool for 5 minutes.
Place enough oil into a pot to deep fry the churros and allow to heat.
Start beating the dough and add the eggs one at a time.
Beat well after each addition (the mixture will become slightly sticky and more like a batter, but still thick).
Place the batter into a piping bag fitted with a star tip.
When the oil is hot, pipe long shapes into the oil and allow to fry until golden brown.
Flip them over to fry the other side.
Take out of oil and drain on some paper towels.
Continue with the rest of the batter.
Place the fried churros in the bowl with the sugar cinnamon mixture and coat completely.
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