Friday, October 25, 2013

Spooktacular Skeleton Cards

     With Halloween, one of my absolute favorite holidays, right around the know what that means?  Time to get crafty on some Halloween cards to make our family and friends!  This year we made some Spooktacular Skeleton Cards!

Here's what you need:

Black card stock paper
Paper cutter
White paint (I used Tulip's Matte White paint in a bottle, the tip made it easier to write with)
White crayons or colored pencils
Halloween decorative stickers 
Envelopes (to mail your cards in)

How to make them:

Measure your card stock to that when folded it will fit into the envelopes.
Then use the paper cutter to the paper to size.
Fold it in half to determine the middle.
Using the pencil write the child's name using the middle crease as your line guide to write on.

Using the white paint, trace over the letters you wrote with the pencil.
Then carefully fold the paper in half, gently press the paint.
When you open it you should see the name mirrored on the bottom half of the crease.
(That becomes the body of the skeleton)
Let them dry completely before drawing the rest of the skeleton.

Here's what they should look like..
I did a couple for Liam and Kinley

When the paint was dried, Liam drew a skull, some arms, and the legs of the skeleton.
We wrote Happy Halloween, then signed it.
Then he decorated the front of the card with some Halloween scrapbook embellishments.

Here's the one I did!

Everyone will love your personalized Skeleton cards!

Have a Spooktacular Halloween Everyone!

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