Monday, October 21, 2013

A Weekend of FUN

     This past weekend our friends, and the kiddo's Godparents, came to visit with us!  It was great having them!  They got in on Thursday, after the kiddos had gone to bed.  So it was nice to just chill, enjoy an adult beverage and catch up with them.  The next morning, was Friday, so they got to see our daily morning routine...getting Liam up and ready for school.  Liam was a lucky boy to have his daddy and Will take him to school that day.  I stayed home with little miss and Erica, since my parents were stopping by to pick up some baby items to take back to Texas for my sister.  They stayed for about 3 hours, then continued on their way home.  So, we kinda got a late start to the day, even though we were up early.  We finally made it out the door around 12-ish, since we needed to wait till after Kinley's nap to go or do anything.  Cranky, sleepy, teething, hungry baby + going out and about = a terrible outing!  We took our friends to La Posta Restaurant in Mesilla for some AWESOME Margaritas and some tasty Mexican food!  Kinley loved it too!  

Will had the Chile 'Rita and Erica enjoyed the Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita!
The hubby and I stuck with the traditional lime ones!

After our delicious lunch, it was time to go pick Liam up from school.
When we got home, Will and Erica helped Liam with his homework.

They had to decorate The Luther Seal with non-convential items,
it turned out great!

     The next morning was Saturday and we planned on visiting the Mesilla Valley Maze Family Fun Farm for some fun and pumpkin picking, after Kinley's morning nap of course.  I made some Pumpkin Spice French Toast for breakfast get us in the mood for pumpkin picking that day.  While little miss napped, the boys played some Angry Birds.

After she woke up and everyone had lunch, we loaded up the car and headed to the farm!
If you go, make sure to print out some coupons or show your military ID for a discount!

Look at those silly pumpkins!

 Conquering the Tire Mountain!

The boys walking through a little maze

Kinley, Erica, and I watched the boys come down the slide...

She really wanted to go next!

Here comes Will & Liam

So daddy took her down...

then I went down with her.
She LOVED it!

Silly daddy!

Liam driving around the dune buggies too!

Next, it was time to go through the corn maze!

Oh, they look so cute!

Finally, a decent family picture...
taked right before they both had a fit!

After the maze, we decided to go get our pumpkins...
We rode in a covered wagon pulled by a tractor into the pumpkin patch

Looking for The Great Pumpkin...

My little Punkin' sitting on a Pumpkin!

This one looks like it should be on Martha Stewart.

Time to ride back with our perfectly plump pumpkins!

Perfect time for a photo!

Of course, Liam didn't want anything to do with it!

Time to go home!

After we got home, we all had had a LONG day!
We started on dinner and had these special Chocolate Tacos,
Liam picked out, for dessert!

I think he enjoyed his Choco Taco!

     The next day was Sunday, time for our friends to head back home to Texas.  So, it was a pretty chill morning. Breakfast, some coffee, showers, some packing, a little playing with the kiddos, then the hubby and Liam drove them to the airport while Kinley and I stayed home so she could nap.  It was so nice having our friends here!  I can't wait to see them again for the holidays...December can't come fast enough.  Haha, yes they can! I know I say that now, but it will be here before I know it!

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