Friday, October 4, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

     Well, if you saw my last few posts you probably have figured out the theme for Kinley's 1st birthday!  Rainbows, rainbows, rainbows everywhere!  I wanted to pick out a theme without any characters but also would be gender neutral, since most of my guests have sons.  Kinley has such a colorful and bubbly personality the rainbows seemed like the perfect idea!
     As far as decorations go I strung small pom pom balls in rainbow order (ROYGBP and Pink) onto some thread then hung them up.  For the Happy Birthday Kinley sign, I used colorful foam boards and black foam letters, punch some holes in the corners then strung them up with some rainbow ribbon.  The Monthly Pictures, every month I made sure to take a picture of her and the number of months she was.  It was a way I could watch her grow, but I eventually want to put it in a Shutterfly photobook for her.  I went to Walmart and printed the pictures, adhered them to some scrapbook paper, cut them out with some fun edged scissors.  To hang them up, I painted some small clothespins and used a different rainbow ribbon to pin them up on.  I also wanted to show some her 1 Year Pictures I took.  I printed these at Walmart too, then went to the Dollar Tree for some simple black frames to put them in.  I decorated the buffet table and the gift table.

     I brought the rainbow theme into the food as well.  I wanted to make sure there was some good healthy munchies to counter the sweet treats.  I skewered some yummy fruit to enjoy, Red - strawberries, Orange - Mandarin oranges, Yellow - pineapple, Green - kiwi, Blue - blueberries, and Purple - grapes.  I also made a yummy marshmallow and cream cheese fruit dip.  For the veggies we enjoyed, Red - cherry tomatoes, Orange - carrots, Yellow - baby corn on the cobs, Green - edamame Blue - blue corn tortilla chips (blue was a toughie, can you think of a blue vegetable?), Purple - purple cauliflower.  I made some ranch to dip the veggies in.  I wanted something a little more solid for the kiddos and adults could enjoy.  So I found a great and easy recipe to make Rainbow Bread which I made into Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches.  To incorporate the rainbow theme even more, I made he sandwiches with different color flavors of jellies, Red - strawberry, Orange - apricot, Yellow - pineapple, Green - green apple, Blue - blueberry, and Purple - grape.  They turned out great! 

  Bring on the desserts!  Of course we had to have Rainbow CupcakesRainbow Brownie Pops, and Rainbow Sprinkled Popcorn.

     We also rented one of those bounce houses for the kiddos to play in.  Liam and his friends had so much fun bouncing the day away.  We let the bigger kids play in it while Kinley took her nap before the party started.  Worked out great!

Liam, his friends, and daddy playing Hide & Go Seek and Tag in the bounce house.

Nana and the Birthday Girl!

My little cutie all dressed up for her big day!
My mom made her rainbow dress just for her and I bought her 
rainbow headband off Etsy from MLS Photo Workshop.

Time to open presents!  She had a lot of help from big brother.
I think she will get it next year.
Thank you all for the wonderful gifts!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday dear Kinley.....
Happy Birthday to Yoooouuuuuuu!"

She really enjoyed her cupcake and surprisingly didn't make much of a mess.

After everyone left, we went and put on some comfy clothes and went bouncing!
She had a lot of fun having the whole thing to herself!

Everyone had a great time especially Kinley!
All the planning was well worth it to enjoy her special day with family and friends!
Thank you all for celebrating with us!

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