Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Crafternoon

     The time has come once again.....It's our monthly Crafternoon!! Whoo-hoo!  This time my friend Jennie hosted our fun festivities!  With it being Halloween season we did a few different Halloween crafts!  They were really easy, a little messy, and we repurposed a few materials.
Here's our collection of supplies....
empty wine bottles, tin cans, glass jars,
painter's tape, spray paint, hot glue & glue gun,
glow-in-the-dark paint, googly eyes, ripped material,
black felt, scissors, and markers.

I decided to decorate some of the glass jars.
I used some painter's tape and cut out shapes for eyes and a mouth.
Then spray painted the jars....
Orange for the Jack-o-Lantern,
White for the Vampire,
Green for the Frankenstein,
and Frost for the Ghost.

While we let our spray painted creatures dry, we enjoyed some yummy snacks!
Jennie made this yummy cocktail that I 
renamed Hair of the Werewolf  (Gingered Pear & Brandy Cocktail).
We also enjoyed some Curried Chicken,
Kettle Corn, 
and I brought an assortment of Candy Corn treats
including the Candy Corn Fudge &  Candy Corn Meringue I made.

Jeannie also had a Halloween Cookie station,
which the kids loved!
Me too!
What do you think of my Jack-o-Lantern and Ghost?
I got some skills! 

After my monster's were dry, I carefully and slowly peeled
off the painter's tape.

My friends getting their craft on!
Elizabeth was working on her Frankensteins
and Carrie was doing her Jack-o-Lantern.

Jennie made some Boo Bottles and a spider web bottle with glow in the dark paint.
Oooooo SPOOKY!
I also made a Mummy and stuck in some candy to give to Liam.

Here's how they turned out. 
I can't wait to put a tea light candy in the jar and see them lit up!

It was another Bat-Tastic Crafternoon!
Looking forward to next months!

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