Friday, October 18, 2013

Jamberry 'Lacquered Up' Nail Polish Launch Party

  Last month I hosted my first Jamberry Nail Wrap Party on Facebook.  My Jamberry Nail Consultant Jayme Wallis was so helpful with promoting the wraps so that I could receive some awesome Hostess Rewards!  It was SO easy and the BEST way to earn some FREE products for doing practically nothing!  The only hard part was deciding on which wraps I wanted, there are just too many cute ones!  Here's all the benefits I received: 1 FREE pack, 2 Hostess Exclusive packs, $45 in Product Credit, 4 Half-Priced Items, 25% off any additional items, and FREE shipping!  So, here's what I picked...

Here's my FREE pack I chose...
some cute Jamberry Juniors: Bright Plaid and Forest Friends
They're FOXES! 
Of course, these are for Kinley when she gets older.

Here's one of the Hostess Exclusive Wraps,
I'll be getting the November ones too next month!

Here's one of the Half Priced Items: Holographic

I used some of my Credit and Half-priced items on these Holiday Inspired Wraps:

     With my love of Jamberry Nail Wraps, I was totally excited when I heard they were launching a Nail Lacquer line.  My friend Jayme hosted a Jamberry 'Lacquered Up' Nail Polish Launch Party.  We got to see the new colors and try them out.  Mani's & Pedi's for EVERYONE! Whoo-hoo!

Look at all those pretty colors and cool wraps!

How was I to choose??

First, we needed to clean and prep our nails...

Then Jayme explained about the new products
and how to apply the wraps for those who didn't know how to.

My friend Katie chose this incredible Iris Ash, & Wisteria combination.

We also snacked on some yummy treats...

Take a look at my friend Juliane's beautiful Strengthening Base Coat,

It was such a fun night enjoying tasty treats and 
most of all being around new and old friends doing our nails.
If you are looking for a great nail polish or nail wraps, 
I would TOTALLY suggest any of the  Jamberry products!

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