Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our Trip to Roswell

     The other day we packed up the hubby's Hyundai Genesis and headed up to Roswell, NM to trade it in for a Toyota Tacoma TDR Double Cab 4x4 Truck!!!  The drive wasn't bad, even with Kinley teething and fussing in the back.  The only thing that kept her calm was listening to the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack, song #15 Love Death Birth by Carter Burwell.  We listened to it the 2 1/2 hours up to Roswell and the 2 1/2 hours back home!  Good thing it was a beautiful piece of music versus listening to say "The Wheels on the Bus."

We stopped by a nearby park to enjoy a picnic,
to stretch our legs, and let the kiddos play a bit
before spending most of the day at the dealership.

Liam loved the slide and Kinley enjoyed the tunnel!

After some fun, we headed to the Toyota dealership to 
check out the new truck!

While the hubby started the paperwork, the kiddos
and I stayed outside to enjoy a little sweet treat
and watch Rio on my iPad.

The dealership actually had a little room full of toys
for the kiddos to play with.
That definitely helped the time pass along with all the snacks I brought!'s the new ride!

Once the paperwork was complete we packed up the new
truck, a little tight, but definitely manageable!

So long Roswell.....

Heading home we watched another one of 
New Mexico's beautiful sunsets!

We got home a little late, thank goodness the kiddos went right to sleep.
And so did we!
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