Friday, December 6, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: Zippy's BACK!

     It's that time again...Zippy, our Elf on the Shelf is BACK!  So I don't know if you have seen my previous years of Zippy visiting us for Christmas or seen all the pictures on Pinterest, there is even a TV special An Elf's Story.  Zippy usually shows up on December 1st (only if Liam has been good).  Liam gets so excited to see him again!  This year was no different, he was definitely waiting for his arrival.  Even Kinley was excited to see him.  Maybe a little girl elf will be visiting next year!

We found him hanging out on our dining room ceiling light.

He also brought a few Elf surprises for the kiddos.

Zippy even wrote a special letter for Liam.

Zippy even brought a new Elf ornament, 
Liam couldn't wait to hang it on the tree!

Trying out a chocolate from his Angry Bird Advent Calendar
Such a sweet way to count down the days to Christmas

Zippy always brings fun crafts to do...
We made this cute elf ornament.

I even got into the Elf spirit and wore some elfy Jingle Bell shoes

Liam wearing his Elf hat

Kinley wearing hers too

My little elves!

What a fun day...looking forward to finding Zippy tomorrow!

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