Saturday, December 28, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: Let's get our Bake On!

     Zippy was totally ready to get his bake on with the kiddos!  

Chef Zippy!

Love your apron Zippy!

Look he even got out all the ingredients and utensils out for us!

I guess he wants to bake up some Chocolate M&M cookies for Santa!

A few Night Before Christmas surprises

I made us a Reindeer breakfast

Liam didn't want to bake, but Kinley did!
Loving the chef hat Kinley!

Before bed we made sure to set out some of the cookies we made
for Santa with some milk too!
We even put out an apple for Rudolph, per Liam's request.

Kinley didn't exactly understand the concept yet, so she kept
stealing the apple...such a cutie!

Zippy, have a safe trip home to the North Pole with Santa!

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