Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Magical Moon Sand

     Well, we are still doing our Summer Bucket List since Liam doesn't start Kindergarten till mid August.  So, today we did another fun activity using our hands....Moon Sand!  I found how to make it on Early Activities & Projects.  It was so simple and lots of messy fun!

 Here's what you need:

Corn Starch
Shaving Cream
Food Coloring gels
Cookie cutters

How to make it:

Pour out some cornstarch, as much as you like.  
Then squirt out some shaving cream (about the same amount of corn starch) on top of the corn starch, you can always add more.
Drizzle whatever color of food coloring gel you want your Moon Sand to be.
Mix all the ingredients by squishing it with your fingers.
Keep squishing till it forms into a moldable dough.
That's all, now have fun!

Liam didn't care for the squishing part, so he left it to me to do!

Liam had fun once it was a dough.

Look a moon made out of Moon Sand!

Nice Fishy Liam!

Not much to clean up!

That was a really neat project!
Lots of fun and interactive!

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