Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Bucket List: Ducks

     With Father's Day right around the corner, I wanted to take the kiddos to the park so I could take some pictures of them for a project I am working on for the hubby.  Since we were there, we decided to check out the ducks, which is one of the activities from Our Summer Bucket List.  Usually we go and feed the ducks, but this time there were signs posted all around the pond stating NOT to feed the ducks.  I wonder why? Oh well, the kiddos like watching them, but they were a little bummed they didn't get to throw out the bread we brought for them.  So to cheer them up we got a rainbow snow cone!

 Kinley loved watching the ducks and kept saying "quack, quack."

Look at that yummy rainbow snow cone we got! 

They loved it too!

Kinley kept going back for more!

Liam has a huge sweet tooth like me, but we both agreed this was really sweet.  
I wonder what kind of syrup they used.

Another great day outside.

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