Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Bucket List: My Kids' Cafe

     This day we didn't have any plans so it was a perfect day for a half day activity from Our Summer Bucket List.  This new place called My Kids' Cafe opened up so we went to check it out.  Good thing we went on a Thursday because it was $5 admission day! Whoo-hoo.  I do have to say, if you go make sure to wear or bring your socks, if you don't you'll have to buy some there.  They are only a dollar, but if you want to save your money, just bring your own.  This place was pretty neat, small, but the kiddos had a great time.

The first room we played in was the Lego Room.
He liked constructing what was on the picture cards.
Kinley just wondered around to the different Lego bins.

Next we went to the Sensory Room.  
They had a small swimming pool, table, and some tubes set up for 
the kids to play in sand?  Nope it was dried RICE!
They totally destroyed this room, rice was everywhere!

Then we headed to the room with the make believe play.
Kinley's favorite was the little grocery store.  
She's my little shopper and Liam was the clerk!

While little Miss was playing in the cabin, 
Liam found some HUGE Legos to play with. 
Just as he finished stacking them, they would tumble over.
They weren't the best Legos, so he finally just moved on to something else.

Go Liam go!

There was another room for Dress Up play.
As you can see, Kinley goes right for the shoes (just like her momma).
Liam went for the hats.

We checked out the Reading Nook too.
But they weren't too interested in sitting down to read some books, so we moved on.

They're absolute favorite was the Art Room.
They drew with markers on construction paper, chalk on the chalk board, 
colored in coloring books, and painted on the butcher paper.
Mommy did a little art too!

My little artist!

After a couple of hours, it was time for lunch.
So we headed to the mall for some yummy Chic-fil-a then to the
Barnes and Noble Cafe for a sweet treat.

Fun, lunch, and a treat.....a perfect summer day!

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