Monday, June 9, 2014

May Crafternoon

     Recently we had our May Crafternoon, Jennie was our host last month.  Since she will be moving soon, she wanted to host one last time.  May's Crafternoon was a day of practicing our sewing skills. 
Everyone brought extra material and sewing machines so we could make the Reusable Gift bags from our January Crafternoon and the Yo-Yo Flowers from our April Crafternoon.  I couldn't stay long, so I just visited with everyone while they crafted.  It was nice to just chit chat with my friends and enjoy some great snacks.

     Here's some of the yummy foods we snacked on.  Jennie made this beautiful Spiked Watermelon Fresca Cocktail (I didn't try it though, I'm not a big fan of watermelons).  But I was a fan of the oh so delicious pasta veggie salad, fruit kabobs, carrots and Tempeh with Peanut Sauce.

Another great Crafternoon!  It's going to be so sad
 when Jennie leaves in July, but at least we get to have one 
more before she hits the road with her family to Florida.

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