Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer is Officially Here

      I recently did a post about Our Summer Bucket List.  If you haven't heard about a Summer Bucket List, it's a fun way to keep your kiddos occupied with awesome summer activities.  Check out ours for some great ideas!

     Usually, I come up with a list of local activities and fun summer activities for us to do.  But, this year, I really wanted Liam to be involved in the decision process.  He helped me write and cut out all our activities this year!

While Liam and I were filling our bucket, Kinley was coloring us some pretty pictures.

The first Monday of Liam's official first day of Summer, I presented him and Kinley some fun baskets full of fun summer things.  I found a lot of things at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and the Dollar Spot at Target!  It's all about having fun, but finding the best deals too!

Here they are going through their baskets!  We have so much planned for this year's summer. 
Can't wait to get started!

Looking forward to all the fun memories we will make this year!

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