Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spirit Week

     The week before Spring Break, Liam's school had some fun.  Each day the kiddos were suppose to dress up.  Monday was School Spirit day.  Well, Liam did wear his school shirt and I did wake up early to make a breakfast dish for the school potluck and we did go to eat breakfast with his school...but when he refused to eat the chocolate chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup, I knew he wasn't feeling well.  So, yes he was sick the first day of Spirit Week, which means I didn't get a picture.  Oh, well.  

     Tuesday was Pajama Day!  He is REALLY, I mean REALLY into Skylanders anything.  So I found him some Skylanders SwapForce PJs, Sklanders socks, and some Shark slippers which he named TaraFinn (one of the characters, which is actually a shark).  He also brought his Eruptor stuffed figure to complete the outfit! (He even had on his Skylander undies)  What can I say, that boy LOVE them!

     Wednesday, is usually chapel day, so it only fitting it would be Dress Up for Jesus Day.  The students were to dress up in their very best outfits and wear a special cross.  I found this cute springy suit at Walmart.  Nothing too fancy or expensive, but I figure he would wear it for Easter Sunday before he grows out of it.  The cross is actually mine.  It is VERY special to me, since I was wearing it when I was baptized.  He was very excited to wear it.

     Thursday was Book Character Day.  The only stipulation on this one was that it had to be a character from a book IF or BEFORE it was made into a movie.  So I chose the Fox in Socks.  I just so happened to have an extra fox costume for Kinley that was way too big.  I borrowed the ears headband and the tail for his costume.  I found the orange pants, shirt, and the socks at Walmart.  Gotta love finding what you need for cheap!  I put a little circle on his nose and he was a fox!

     Friday was Backward Clothes and Crazy Hair day!  Liam didn't want to wear his pants backwards, but since they are just comfy pants, as we call them, you really can't tell if they were backwards or not.  So he wore then the right way.  However, he did turn his Skylanders, of course, shirt backwards. He actually let me spike up his and spray it with some color.  Usually he just likes it "flat" as he calls it.  Everyone at school loved his hair!

He looks like a rainbow!

What a fun week before Spring Break!

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