Monday, April 7, 2014

Did you wear your Green?

    Tonight, I was updating the pages of my blog and I noticed I hadn't posted how we celebrated St. Patrick's Day.  Sooo here is all the fun we had making leprechaun traps, following the signs to the end of the rainbow, the festive food, and cute pictures I took of the kiddos!

I found these yummy Green Mint Dark Chocolate M&M's,
perfect for St. Patrick's Day snack!

The Friday before St. Patrick's Day I made this
rainbow inspired lunch for Liam.

That Sunday, before St. Patrick's Day, Liam and the hubby 
constructed a Leprechaun trap.

The next morning, was St. Patrick's Day, we discovered
Liam's trap with a few surprises, a rainbow trail for us to follow,
but no leprechaun.  He must have been very sneaky!

Since Liam was the first one up, he found all the colored signs first
ending in a rainbow with a basketful of goodies!

What a lot of fun treats!

While Liam was getting ready for school, I made his a 
snack that had Fruity (rainbow) Cheerios and a packet of Applesauce.

And here is his festive lunch!
Grapes & Kiwi
Green Goldfishes
 Green Apple Jelly & Peanut Butter Sandwich with green sprinkles
Shamrock Cookie
Rainbow Sweet Sour Strip

That day I wind up keeping him home since he wasn't feeling well that day...
but of course later that day he was fine. Go figure!
So I set up a little photo shoot for the kiddos after their naps.
Here's a selfie of us wearing our green!

My cute little leprechauns 

After pictures they had some fun playing while I made some dinner.

Our Saint Patrick's Day Feast!
Root Veggies
Shamrock Rolls

Kinley tried out the Irish fare for the first time and liked it!

I baked these Lucky Leprechaun Cookies for dessert!

After we put the kiddos to bed, I enjoyed a couple of the cookies in bed 
while sporting my cool Shamrock Socks to watch The Voice.

Another great St. Patrick's came and went. 
We had a lot of fun and no one got pinched!

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