Sunday, February 9, 2014

Teacher Valentine's Gifts

     Next week Liam's class is having a Valentine's Day party and will be exchanging Valentines.  Liam picked out some fun Skylander Sticker Valentines to give to his classmates, but I thought we should make something a little more special for his and the other teachers.  So here's what I came up with..... 

Here's all you need:

Glass Lightbulbs 
Valentine's Scrapbook Paper
Valentine's candy

I found these at Hobby Lobby.

I printed out "You BRIGHTen my Valentine's Day!" then had Liam sign his name at the bottom,
Then cut them into little squares with my paper cutter.
To make them cuter, I used some decorative scissors and cut around the edges.
Next, I stuck the square onto the Valentine's scrap paper using some scrapbooking adhesive. 

Then cut around to make a border.

You can either use the decorative scissors again or a corner rounder.
Then, punch a hole in the corner for the ribbon to go through.

Fill the lightbulbs with your favorite candy, I chose Milk Chocolate Valentine's M&M's.

Then, I tied the note onto the lightbulb with the ribbon.

They turned out so cute, I made some for my friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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