Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February Crafternoon

     This month was my turn to host our Crafternoon, so I picked creating some Yarn Letters.  I've seen them on Pinterest and thought we could give them a try.  I bought the letters for the ladies and they brought their favorite yarn.  It was an easy craft, just took some time to complete.  Also, this month happens to be our Crafternoon anniversary, so for the ladies I made each of them a little gift to celebrate.  I found some cute Valentine's boxes at Target then put a pair of cute Valentine's socks and one of the Lightbulb Gifts I made for Liam's teachers inside.  Something cute and simple to say Happy Crafternoon Anniversary!

The ladies getting their fondue on!

With it being February, I wanted to make something fun and festive to enjoy eating.
So I made some yummy Cheesy Fondue to go with fresh veggies Elizabeth brought.
And a pot of Dark Chocolatey Fondue to go with the sweet fruit Jennie brought.

Marisa brought some awesome homemade pound cake
 and some tasty sourdough bread for us to dip too!

After some snacking, it was time to get their craft on!

I made these awesome cocktails called Kinky Bubbles.

Everybody wrapping and wrapping and wrapping their paper mache letters.

Elizabeth expressing her LOVE.

And Marisa sharing a HUG!

Another fun craft with my ladies.
Can't wait to see what we create next month at Elizabeth's house!

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