Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Eve

     This year I wasn't up for making a big Christmas Eve dinner,  so instead I made some yummy finger foods.  
I made some Caprese Salad (some without the "Hazel" as Liam calls the Basil),
some oven roasted Cheese Ravioli with Marinara Sauce,
some baked Bacon Wrapped Pineapple,
and an awesome Cheese Tray!

The kiddos loved everything!

Then we let the kiddos open their Christmas Eve presents!
Our tradition is giving them Christmas PJ's and a board game to play that night.
This year Kinley got to participate in the actually opening of gifts,
she got some cute Christmas pajamas and the game EleFun.

Liam was way too quick for me to get pictures.
He got some Christmas pajamas, a new book, and the game Chutes & Ladders.

After bath time, we headed outside to throw out the special
Reindeer food Zippy brought.

Then back inside to get Santa's milk & cookies and Rudolph's apple ready.

Kinley didn't quite understand why we were putting out food.
She kept wanting to steal the apple. It was so cute.

It was a great night...I don't who was more excited, the kiddos 
or me for Santa's arrival!
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