Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Day

     I hope you and your family had a great Christmas.  We sure did!  Usually, we head to Texas to spend the holidays with our families, but this year we decided to stay home.  Which was a nice change.  

Santa came!  He ate the cookies and milk we left out.
And the apple for Rudolph is gone!
Zippy even left a farewell note for Liam, since he went back to the 
North Pole with Santa.

Merry Christmas!
(We all must have been really good)

Zippy even left one last surprise.
He set the table and brought some Elf friends for the kiddos.

Meet Spike & Twinkle 

Liam was up first and ready to open presents.
We had to hold him off a bit so Kinley could wake up!

Kinley didn't know what to think when she saw all the toys.
She didn't know which ones to play with first.

WOW! Look at all those gifts!

Kinley loves all her gifts

Liam wearing his new cape MeeMaw made him
 and playing with is new Light Saber.
Pretending to be General Grievous, The Emperor, and Jedi Liam.

My parents gave me a new waffle maker for Christmas.
So I put it to good use for our breakfast.
I made some Nutella Swirl Waffles, bacon, and some fresh fruit.

Kinley cooking up some yummy

Liam and daddy played his new Skylanders Syro's Adventure game.

For lunch I made some Christmassy Pizzas!

Kinley having fun on her Rocking Giraffe 
her Aunt Alicia and Uncle Brandon gave her

Liam's Angry Birds Mighty Eagle!
That thing is HUGE!

For dinner the hubby helped me make this fabulous Christmas dinner.

Then a Cinnamon Custard Pie for dessert!

The day went by so fast! Can't believe it's over already!
It was fun and relaxing spending time with my family.

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