Monday, September 9, 2013

My Great Gatsby Birthday Dinner

     Well, it's my birthday again....Bring it on 33!  This year my bestie and her family happened to stop and stay a couple of days with us before continuing their trip to Texas.  So, I wanted to make it a fun birthday I wouldn't forget!  Since I received one of my birthday presents early, "The Great Gatsby", I thought it would be fun to dress up 1920's style, enjoy some cocktails and a wonderful dinner while listening to some jazzy swinging tunes, then watch the movie.

Looking Flapper-ific

I think we are ready to do the Charleston!

Our little Flappers

One HUGE pot of crab legs! My fave!

~ The menu ~

Snow Crab with Clarified Butter
Grilled Artichokes with Garlic Aioli 
Moscato di Asti Wine


My beautiful friend

After dinner we changed into our matching Harry Potter Hogwarts T-shirts
and some comfy PJ bottoms to enjoy dessert while watching "The Great Gatsby."

This year in place of a cake I picked out, 
yes..yes... I just bought it at the Walmart instead of making it myself, 
a yummy Pecan Pie!  
I didn't have any birthday candles on hand so 
we stuck a little votive one in it instead!

My 1920's Great Gatsby dinner was the Cat's Meow! 
I'm sure going to miss my friends, since they are moving to Italy.
But, I hope one of these days we will get to visit them over there!

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