Thursday, September 26, 2013

Look Who's Turning 1...

      I can't believe my little lady is already turning the BIG 1!  Seems like yesterday I was dressing her up in her very first tutu for Halloween, now she is radiant in her big girl rainbow one! Since her birthday was coming up, I wanted to take some cute pictures of her for her birthday party invitation.   This is just a sneak peak of what her birthday party will look like....can you guess the theme?  Of course, it's RAINBOW!  Be on the lookout for those pictures posting soon!

I found this cute First Birthday Number One Onesie by Pickle Bean Boutique
the Over the Rainbow Chiffon Flower headband by MLS PhotoWorks Shop,
and the Rainbow Tutu I made!
I made this board of all of Kinley's favorite things, how many teeth she has,
how tall she is, how much she weights, what she can say, and what she loves.

I brought some fun colorful balls for her to play with...

And then I busted out the cake!

We had a lot of fun today, looking forward to her Over the Rainbow 1st Birthday Party!

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