Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just a Hop, Skip, and an Airplane Ride Home

     Well, Hello everyone! Kinley and I are back from our little vacation down to Texas to visit our family and friends.  It was great, except that we were a little sick the first few days...but other than that we had fun.  I finally got to meet and hold my new nephew, Kinley absolutely LOVED her little cousin!  We also celebrated, mine, my dad's, a friend's, and Kinley's birthdays while we were down there.  And I finally got a hair cut! Take a look at our mini vacation...
This was Kinley's 1st plane ride.  
She did great, such a good traveler.

Kinley liked jumping while we cooked dinner.

When we were feeling better we headed over 
to my sister's house to finally meet little man!
He is adorable and Kinley just wanted to touch him, hug him, and kiss all over him!
She also got to open her birthday present from them a little early.
She loves playing with her new Little People Playhouse!

My AWESOME birthday present from my sissy!
I think I'm ready to make some Macarons!

Hanging out at MeeMaw's & Pappaw's house,
Kinley loves the new Mickey Mouse car Meemaw bought her!

Kinley & I loved taking walks around mom's garden.

Silly little girl, playing in MeeMaw's kitchen

On that Saturday, we had a joint party for me, my dad, 
a family friend, and Kinley's birthdays.
Little lady wore her special birthday dress and new gold shoes!

The Birthday Girls

Kinley trying to give loves to baby Camden

Let the celebration begin!

The next day, my friends and I went to Sunday Brunch 
and then to the local Farmer's Market they had set up there.
It was delish, I had the Eggs Benedict, my fave!
Then they came over to play with their God Daughter.

Monday I FINALLY got my hair chopped!
Cut about 11 inches off, which I donated to Locks of Love!

My sister and Camden came over to mom's, who was 
watching Kinley for me so I could go to my hair appointment.

Kinley loves dancing to the theme song of Taratabong.

Playing with MeeMaw is so much fun!

Time for pictures!!

The week came and went too fast, then it was time for us
to board our plane back home!

Kinley enjoying her 1st donut, I think she liked it.
She ate the WHOLE thing!

We had a great visit! Can't believe it went by so fast!
Looking forward to the next one, which will probably be for Christmas!

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