Friday, April 27, 2012

Toy Story Birthday Party

    Last year after the release of Toy Story 3, Liam was all about Toy Story! So for his 3rd birthday we threw him a Toy Story themed party.  We invited all his friends and I went all out on the decorations and food.  I searched online for anything and everything Toy Story.  From recipes, to decoration ideas, to games, to party all had to be about Woody, Jesse, and Buzz.
     On the day of his party, he was so excited to play with his friends, to have cupcakes, and open all his presents.  I dressed him in his Toy Story shirt and some jeans, he was ready for his BIG day!  The hubby on the other hand, was a little overwhelmed with all the kiddos that arrived.  But hey, the more the merrier, right?

Here's some of he decorations before all the kiddos arrived...


I ordered some Toy Story balloons online that I got blown up at Albertsons, hung colored streamers everywhere, and found some Toy Story table cloths and the banner at Walmart. 

One of my friend's drew a few Toy Story pictures for me that I hung up.  The picture frames I made out of wood frames I bought at Michaels.  I used Buzz Lightyear, Jesse, and Woody as the inspiration for each frame.  Then put a picture of Liam in each and placed them on the mantel with Liam's Sparks, RC, and some toy soldiers. 

This one I painted neon green, stenciled on some yellow stars, wrote Buzz in glitter glue, 
and then at the bottom tried to copy Buzz's uniform.

The top of this one is Jesse's shirt, a simple yellow with a red curly swirl.  The bottom half is her cow hide chaps, just some white with some black brushed on and her name written in glitter glue.

Woody's frame is just red paint with yellow glitter glue stars, blue swirls, 
and his name written in glitter glue.

Look at all that food!  I made a veggie tray with Ranch dip, a fruit tray, 
PB & J cowboy boot and hat sandwiches, Slinky Dog skewers (hot dogs & biscuits), chips, 
Pizza Planet bites, chocolate cupcakes, and Alien Cupcakes.

As the kids arrived, I had Toy Story coloring pages that I turned into a coloring
 book and some crayons set to on the table to keep them occupied till everyone got there. 
Of course, being the Virgo that I am, I had planned when to eat lunch, play the games, do presents, have cupcakes.....but it all got tossed out the window!  Liam had other plans on what order he wanted his party to go, so I just went with the flow and let him choose what he wanted to do.  It was his party after all!  After greeting all his guests, we all settled in for some lunch. 

Liam was a little upset he had to wait for everyone to finish eating 
lunch before opening up his presents.

Then it was present time!  There were so many he didn't know where to start!  

After presents we all sang "Happy Birthday" to my little man and everyone enjoyed cupcakes!

This boy LOVES chocolate cupcakes!!

With all the new toys, we didn't even get to playing any of the games I had planned.  Oh well.  Instead, all the kids just played and had a great time.  When it was time for our guests to leave, I gave them a little Toy Story bag filled with some candy, stickers, toy glider, and bubbles.  
Everyone had a great time, especially Liam! 

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