Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

  Easter finally came and it was so much fun!  The day started around 7:30am, I heard this odd sound coming from Liam's room.  So I got up and went to check up on him, his light was on.  He was definitely up bright and early.  But, I think he forgot that it was Easter morning, because he was gathering some of his Hot Wheels cars in blanket to take out to the living room to play with.  The odd sound was the clanking of the metal of the cars hitting each other.  So I go in there and tell him good morning and give him a hug.  We walked out into the living room and he immediately dropped his blanket full of cars and his jaw dropped.  He saw that the Easter Bunny had come and hid all his plastic Easter eggs he had set out last night.  Then he went over to check out his basket and the plate of goodies we left for E.B. (Easter Bunny). He was sooooo excited!  He didn't know what to do first, look at all the stuff in his basket or go on his egg hunt.  He couldn't wait any longer...he went egg hunting!

A treat for the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came!

Hunting for eggs

Look! A chocolate car candy in my egg!

    Once all the eggs were found and he inspected his basket, I made some yummy Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls and a berry fruit salad for breakfast.

Bunny Buns

My cutie little cotton tail

     After breakfast we all got dressed and hung out the rest of the day.  We watched Liam's new movie, "Hop", played with his new Play Doh, did some Easter crafts, and had a confetti egg fight.  After all the excitement, Liam was ready for a nap.  During Liam's nap, I was busy making Honey Yeast Rolls (which by the way take all day to make!) and some Raspberry Custard Tarts.

Getting Daddy

I got Liam

What's in my hair?

Getting Mommy back

Raspberry Custard Tarts

     After Liam's nap, we played some more....today was all about having fun as a family.  Soon it was dinner.  This year we did a Texas style Easter dinner, Dry Rubbed Ribs, Mac N' Cheese (and not just any kind of mac n' cheese, I made Panera Bread's mac n' cheese!!), Baked Green Beans with Parmesan,  the Honey Yeast Rolls, and the Tarts for dessert.  Everything turned out great and delicious.  We had a great Easter, we hope your family did too!


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