Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Little Bit of Pampering

     My girlfriends and I took a mini vacation weekend to the nearby Sycamore Springs Resort and Spa.  The four of us only went for one day and night, but it was well worth it.  After a short drive north we arrived at our little getaway.  We unloaded the car and got comfy, then the three other ladies took a stroll around the resort, while I got the room ready.  The room was nice and cozy but the best part was our personal natural spring jacuzzi out on the balcony canopied by large overgrown elm trees, making it our own little hid away.

     My friend Kristi and I made gift baskets for each friend filled with spa like goodies, home made bath salts, sugar scrubs, mud masks, facial masks, all kinds of fun stuff to pamper yourself.  We also brought everyone's favorite flowers in a small little vase to set out and for them to take home.  I set out the baskets on the beds with the spa robes, then plated all the food so it would be ready when the ladies returned.  Everyone was soooo surprised!  

     When we were making the arrangements for our girls weekend, each of us offered to bring a little something to nibble on throughout the night.  I was in charge of the cheese plate...I LOVE cheese!  We also had a veggie & fruit tray, meat & cracker plate, cupcakes, and plenty of wine. 

     We popped the cork, gave a toast, and dug into the wonderful buffet of edibles in front of us.  But we had to eat fast, since it was about time for our massages.  After our hour long massages, we were all relaxed and feeling great! We met up and went back to the room, ate a little more, drank a little more and hopped into the hot tub.  

     After a little soaking in the hot tub, it was time to pamper our feet and our faces.  We all hooked up our foot spas, slathered some chocolate mud mask on our faces, and soothed our eyes with some slices of cucumbers.

     Our bodies were relaxed, our feet soft, faces refreshed, and eyes soothed, I would say this get away was just perfect!  We all slept good that night.  Then next morning we packed everything up then headed down to the restaurant down the hill for a yummy breakfast.  I had so much fun making new memories with some great ladies.  Needless to say, we were all a little sad waving goodbye as we drove away.  I can't wait to do it again sometime!

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