Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Birthday IKEA

     Ok, so today's post really isn't about IKEA's birthday.  Sorry IKEA.  No, today is about the creative construction, ahem, let me correct that... the deconstruction of a cake.  Not just any cake...a cake for IKEA.  Get it? No...ok, well let me explain.  Awhile back one of my blogger friends, Tamara, over at Confessions of a part-time working Mom posted up this picture.....

     If you a frequently customer of IKEA's they you see the comedy behind this picture.  If not, then I suggest you get yourself to an IKEA!  Just kidding.  IKEA is well known for their ready to be built furniture system.  Why buy a ready made bookshelf, when you can build it at home right?  Get the picture now?  Great! On to the challenge at hand...

     So back to my friend Tamara, after she posted the picture she challenged us to come up with our own version of a birthday cake for IKEA.  After a little bit of brain storming, I accepted the challenge.  Now to figure out exactly what I was going to create was my next step.

     Just for a bit of inspiration, I decided to take a little visit to our local IKEA while the kiddos were in school, which is only like 10 minutes from our house.  Pretty awesome right?   As I was strolling around, which seemed like an endless maze of a showroom, I actually got to observe the other shoppers, inspect some of the items, and just take my time looking at things I wanted to look at, without the nagging of a hungry bored child whining to go home (the first time we tried to go there was on like the busiest day EVER and the kiddos did NOT want to go the kinder play place, needless to say it was as short visit). 

     I was so mesmerized by mommy freedom, I actually wind up purchasing a few items and made some mental notes (and took some pictures) of a few furniture pieces to start setting up the extra room for my office/photo studio upstairs.  Before I knew it, it was almost time to go pick Kinley up from Kindi.  So, thinking back to the can I make an IKEA cake?

     The deconstruction of cake ingredients has already been done in the picture above.  So how could I make it interesting and still relatable to IKEA?  Then it hit me as I was checking out.... 


     IKEA is known for their meatballs in sauce with a side of Lingonberry jam.  It's probably their best seller in their restaurant.  I knew this would be perfect! So there ya go, that was my inspiration for my IKEA Meatball Birthday Cake!  

  While on my little trip I picked up a bag of their famous KÖTTBULLAR Meatballs, a packet of GRÄDDSÅS Cream Sauce, and a jar of SYLT LINGON Lingonberry Preserves and then got creative!

First, I placed the frozen meatballs in the oven according to the package.

While those were cooking I prepared the sauce.  It was really simple, just some water, cream, and the sauce packet, let simmer for three minutes while stirring.

When the meatballs and sauce were done, I made a little pyramid with the meatballs layering a bit of sauce in between.  Then finished it with some lingonberry preserves.  

I know it's not a tradition "cake" but hey, it's for IKEA!  What says IKEA more then a meatballs, right?!  It actually turned out very tasty and the kiddos gobbled it right up!

Happy Birthday IKEA!

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