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Minecraft Party

     So when I asked Liam what he wanted to do as far as a theme for his upcoming birthday, he quickly answered "Minecraft!"  Seems like Minecraft has invaded our house taking over Skylanders, Angry Birds, Star Wars, and even Marvel.  So of course it was only fitting I plan his eighth birthday Minecraft style!  To be honest, it did take a couple of months to prep for the party.  Especially, since I had to order most of the party stuff from Amazon (one downfall of living in Germany).  The other decorations I created on PicMonkey and was able to print out.  Pinterest was a great source of ideas too, click here to follow my Minecraft Master board.  
     When the big day finally arrived, everything came together perfectly.  All our guests were amazed how I transformed our home into the Minecraft world.  They all had fun, it was such a great day!  

     I ordered these special Minecraft invitations by MonicasInventions on Etsy.  They are so cool, they are a Minecraft block with the party information printed on five sides.  What a fun way to be invited to a party!

     My little Creeper is ready for his party! (I found this cool Minecraft Hoodie on Amazon, he wears it EVERYday pretty much!).

     Decorations were pretty simple.  I took some big green cardboard, green and brown scrapbook paper and construction paper then created some Minecraft trees that got taped to the walls.

     This little set up was in the entry way.  I found the Endermen Head Costume Mask, Minecraft Cobblestone Wrapping Paper (just wrapped up an empty box), both the Diamond Minecraft Sword and the Purple Pixelated Minecraft Sword, and the Minecraft Papercraft Chest  from Amazon.

     I discovered this cool Minecraft Wall Torch on Amazon as well.  Liam was so excited about these.  I had one hanging in the entry way and one in the downstairs guest bathroom.  After the party, we put one in his room and one in Kinley's for a night light.

     To make it easier on me, I ordered one of the Minecraft Papercraft Hostile Mob SetMinecraft Papercraft Snow Set, and the Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mob Set also on Amazon, instead of trying to print them out.  They were easy to construct and fun to build with.  We placed them throughout the living room, tables cape, and bathroom for some added decor.

     Liam also drew some pictures of his favorite Minecraft characters that I taped up on the windows.

     This tablescape was really fun to create...

     For Liam's birthday banner I knew I wanted to created the Minecraft blocks with the Minecraft font.  But since we don't have a color printer or an Office Max nearby to go get some letters printed, I created this banner using black printed letters that I glued on construction paper and taped to some string.  The Minecraft font I found on  for free and I created the Creeper face using PicMonkey.

     As for the menu for the party, it was quite simple.  Love how this video game has food for the characters to eat.  So I made sure to incorporate some of those when I was planning.  Liam helped me decided on which foods to choose.

     The MENU:

(I created the food cards on PicMonkey and printed them out.  Finished my coloring them to look like grass blocks)






Rock Candy

Creeper Cookies 

(Creeper Cookie cutters from the NeatStuffIWant shop on Easy,
Sugar Cookie recipe)

Grass Blocks

Minecraft Cakes

(Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Whipped Frosting and mini Fondant squares)

Gold Blocks

(Hershey's chocolate nuggets are inside these Gold Bar Party Boxes)

     We added some more Minecraft Papercraft figures to the table.  The tissue paper grass, Steve cardboard box head mask, and gold bar party boxes are from Amazon. 

The drink station


(Strawberry Fanta and Mango & Cream Ice Cream mixed)

Little water bottles

     Time to chow down!

     After some lunch it was time for some games and activities!  The first game the kiddos played was  Minecraft block stacking.  We had a lot of those paper blocks, so I turned them into a game.  The one who could stack the most blocks in a minute would win a prize. 

     Next they played a Minecraft version of "fluffy bunny" using green lime flavored marshmallows.  Instead of saying "fluffy bunny" they had to say "creepy creeper" after putting in a new marshmallow.  This game didn't last long since all them hated the lime flavored marshmallows.  However, we did have a winner who had a whopping nine marshmallows stuffed in her mouth.

     The next activity I had planned was making potions at the Brewing Stand.  The kids had a lot of fun with this one.  At first it started with simple potions and then they started mixing flavors.  It was fun to watch them drink them.  The "Base" is sparkling water, the flavors are snow cone flavored syrups.  The idea is to put some Base in the test tube then add some flavoring to make a potion.

     Moving on to the last activity was a Minecraft Cake Recipe scavenger hunt.  I created some Minecraft recipe cards for making Cake (Liam helped me with the ingredients) on PicMonkey, then printed them out.  Plus I printed out the ingredient icons to cut out.  I placed one little slip of paper with the printed ingredient on it in a little green plastic Easter egg that I drew the Creeper face on.  I spread them around the backyard.  All the kiddos were given a recipe card and directions to find all the ingredients on the card before we could sing "Happy Birthday" and have cupcakes.  It was a little windy and chilly, but it was still fun.

     Once all the eggs were gathered we headed inside and sang "Happy Birthday" to Liam and enjoyed some Minecraft inspired cupcakes!

     Every birthday kid's favorite part of their party...PRESENTS!

     After presents the kiddos took turns playing Minecraft together.  

     After a fun filled Minecraft party all the kiddos took home a Minecraft goodie bag, which are just some green bags that I drew some Creeper faces on.  Inside there was a pair of Minecraft Sunglasses, one of the gold bars filled with Hershey's Nugget bars, a Minecraft Figure Keychains, and a Tootsie Pop.

We all had a great time in our little Minecraft world for a day, especially the Birthday Boy!

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