Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Love Poems

     Since this is February, the month of LOVE, my blogger friends and I linked up to bring you some poems about love.  Click on the links below to check out some more poetry.


Inhale the sweet vanilla
from her loving embrace.
Hear her laughter,
Touch the groves in her aging face.

Her hair a bit thinned
and ginger blends to gray.
A smile so infectious,
it brightens your day.

Eyes hazel full of wisdom,
with lovely lashes up they flip.
Freckles tickled by kisses,
stamped by her coral stained lip.

Her majestic fingers wrap, 
around my little hands.
Wanting her to hold them forever,
but God had other plans.

A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandma,
Five ladies rolled into one.
An amazing accomplished woman,
full of zest, of wit, and of fun.

I think of her often
and miss her in every way.
Especially on February second......her birthday.

In loving memory of my Grandmother
 Hazel Irene Conley

~ C. M.

Let Love In

Cupid's arrows take aim,
targets the lonely souls.
Ones that lack love
with a heart full of holes.

Why do we love 
when love can be broken?
Our hearts kicked around,
hurtful words spoken.

Open your heart,
give love a chance.
You are worth the fight,
you deserve the romance.

Love takes time
it can't be rushed.
The true tackles you over,
 cheeks slightly blushed.

A stomach full of butterflies
a smile across your face.
Longing for their touch,
missing their embrace.

Feel yourself blessed
if you find the "one",
To share your love
till your life journey is done.

~ C. M.

Spell It Out

- is for Lips, so soft and so sweet.
O - is for Open, let your heart skip a beat.
V -  is for Valentine, from your one true love,
E -  is for Embrace, under the stars above.

~ C. M.

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