Monday, July 14, 2014

Texas Time

     The next couple of days we just hung out around the house, at my sister's and my mom's.  It was nice not having a schedule for awhile and just being able to relax and take it easy.  We did A LOT of watching the World Cup (as you can see, Kinley is a fan!  I taught her how to put her hands up and say "GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!"  It's so cute).  Usually when we head home we are always on a schedule....seeing friends this day, and going to dinner with family this day, the zoo/Sea World/Children's Museum this day, etc.  Don't get me wrong, I tend to live by a schedule most of the time, and it certainly comes in handy when handling the kiddos.  But I wanted this visit to be laid back for a few days, because we did have a few activities planned later in the week.  But until then, we pretty much did nothing and loved it.

     Since I knew we would be in Texas right after Father's Day, I found these really cool gift packages from Man Creates.  One of my friends told me about them and I'm so happy she did.  I really liked that I could pick and choose the date I wanted them delivered.  So I set it up to deliver while were in Texas so I could give them out in person.  They are the perfect gifts for any man in your life!  I ordered a Spicy JerkyGram for my dad and the Premium Jerky Ammo Can for the hubby!  They both really liked them, and so did the rest of the family!

     Well, remember that picture frame I found at Target?  I got to finally present it to my Father-in-law when we all went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse.  I had photographed the kids holding up a "P" and an "A" so they could spell out "Papa" when I put them in the frame.  It turned out really cute and he loved it of course!

We took some family pics outside before we headed back home.

      The next day, we hung out with my mom and Mr. Camden.  

He is starting to stand and side step.
Loves playing in the drawers...

Life is ALWAYS good at Grandma's!

Big boy loves his pickles like his momma!
(My sister used to eat SO many pickles she actually smelled like dill pickles

Look at those big blue eyes!
Love my little nephew!

Hanging out with family is always a great time.

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