Monday, July 28, 2014

Sister Day

     My sister and I had a great sister day while we were down in Texas.  It was nice to leave the kiddos at home with the hubby and MeeMaw while I spent some time with my Sis.  First, we headed over to Tejas Southern Grill for some lunch.  We both ordered the Pecan Crusted Chicken Spinach Salad and I also tried out their White Sangria.  They were both delicious! 

     Then we walked around the Shops of La Cantera looking for a dress for my sister.  When we couldn't find anything she was looking for she brought me over to Lolli and Pops - Purveyors of Sweetness, this AMAZING candy shop full of tasty treasures!

     It was a really cute and quirky shop with lots of sweet seductions.  I think I spent like fifty bucks just on candy!  I couldn't resist, plus I got some treats for the kiddos, the hubby, and some friends.

I definitely need to visit again!

Here's some of the Vintage Candy!

It was a great afternoon hanging out with my sister again.  
We couldn't stay out too long, since the hubby and I were going out with friends that night.

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