Saturday, July 19, 2014

Father's Day Gifts

      Have you ever gone on Pinterest and found a photo idea and thought, "Hey I can do that"?  I do it all the time.  Well, I thought I would give it a try again for some Father's Day gifts.  Of course, the photo shoot doesn't always go as what you plan in your head.  And you have to take LOTS of pictures before finally getting "the one."  So here's some cute outtake photos that aren't "the ones."

I tried recreating the Foot Photo on Pinterest.
They sooooo didn't get the concept and kept giggling or not keeping their feet straight.

I finally had to bribe them with food to get them to somewhat sit still....

Then I wanted to do a picture for their Papa.
But Mr. kept giving me silly faces and Little Miss wanted to roll around.

I finally got a some shots to use, then edited them.  
I printed four 4x6 pictures and put them in a frame to spell out the word "PAPA."

As for the hubby's father day gift...I just had to do some cropping and editing.
Turned out pretty cute!

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