Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time to go back home?

     Well, it was the morning of the 27th, Christmas had come and gone which meant it was time for us to drive back home.....however those plans were changed when we decided for the kiddos and I to stay in Texas with my family and the hubby drive back home to work.  The reason for the change in plans...well, Liam was full blown sick, Kinley and I were starting to catch it.  So we stayed behind so mom could help me out with the kiddos while I tried to get better myself.  Plus I wanted to take them to the doctor to check them out, but all they told me was that it was a cold and just had to run its course.  So our extended stay consisted of many, many Vicks Vapor baths, lots of Tylenol for fevers, boxes and boxes of tissues, wrestling with Kinley to put saline drops in her nose so I could suction out the boogers, purchases of two cool mist humidifiers, and a few nights of sleeping upright with Kinley laying on my chest so she could breath.  Thank goodness I stayed, mom took care of and slept with Liam at night while I took care of Kinley.  I was sooo happy when they FINALLY started to feel better, of course it was the last two days of our stay before the hubby drove back to San Antonio to pick us up and take us back to Las Cruces.  I did take a few pictures...

One of the many Vick's bubble baths

Kinley hanging out in the bathroom with us

My little sick...just wanted Momma

Playing on the floor with MeeMaw & Aunt Alicia

Day out shopping and lunch with Aunt Alicia

Hanging out with PapPaw

Loving on Nana

Playing with Legos

Picnic & Movie night on MeeMaw's bed

A glass of sparkling grape juice for New Year's Eve

3...2...1....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

All dressed up for New Year's Day

Home made Popovers filled with German pudding & 
OJ for New Year's Day breakfast

Our New Year's Day Feast!

Pictures with Ina & Uncle Lance

The day before we left we met up with my sister and 
some friends at Bakery Lorraine for coffee & French Macarons

After our treats we went outside for a little bit

     After extending our trip by 12 days the hubby drove back to pick us all up on January 7th and we drove back home to New Mexico.  It was a LONG drive home!  We finally rolled into our driveway around 2am (Mountain Time) but to the kiddos and I it really felt like 3am (Central Time).  The next two days we just hung out at home catching up on sleep, unpacking, and just relaxing.  It was good to be around family but sure is nice to be home.

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